“Bumper” tipa svaru disku 100kg komplekts ATX®

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“Bumper” tipa svaru disku 100kg komplekts ATX®

  • 2x5kg
  • 2x10kg
  • 2x15kg
  • 2x20kg

This visually very beautiful Bumper-Plate from the ATX ® series is made of polyurethane-bound rubber granules.
The discs consist of approximately 92% black and about 8% colored granules in the international color code.
The slightly softer rubber compound (Shore A 68) this disc is particularly minimizing noise. 
The Quick-Load inner ring of stainless steel provides a fast and safe handling.

  • Color spot Bumperplate from approximately 92% black and approximately 8% colored rubber granules
  • Hardness of the rubber compound Shore A68 – particularly minimizing noise
  • with rolled metal inner ring (Quick-Load) stainless steel – inner diameter of approximately 50.7 mm
  • uniform weight plate diameter 450 mm
  • vulcanized KG indication and ATX ® logo
  • Color – international color code, color and abrasion resistant
  • Application: strength training, weight training, powerlifting, weightlifting
    by the first-class quality and outstanding
    impingement / absorption properties is possible an intercept on various Untergünden.
    Recommend the use of a protective coating of at least 10 mm thickness to protect the equipment

All prices are per piece

Item number: Weight in kg: about 92% Color: about 8% Farbsprenkelung in: Diameter (ø) in cm approximately: Strength in cm approximately:
50-HIT-BP0500 5 black Gray 45 3.2
50-HIT-BP-1000 10 black green 45 6.3
50-HIT-BP-1500 15 black yellow 45 8.0
50-HIT-BP-2000 20 black blue 45 8.6
50-HIT-BP-2500 25 black red 45 10.1

Please choose above the desired weight sizes and quantities from the available weight plates from.

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