Svaru diski melni gumijoti 5-25kg 50-ATX-RR- cena par kg. (vidēji)


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Svaru diski melni gumijoti 5-25kg 50-ATX-RR- cena par kg. (vidēji)

The ATX ® Rough Rubber Bumper Plates have their name due to their slightly textured surface finish. The highly compressed discs with a degree of hardness 90 (according to Shore A) have a low rebound (bounce). Over 10,000 drops on our dropmachine guarantee first-class, robust quality. The flanged stainless steel inner ring ensures quick and safe loading and unloading of the barbell. The ATX ® Rough Rubber Bumper Plates are high-quality training discs for every training facility in a top price / performance ratio.

All benefits at a glance: 

  • made of high quality natural rubber
  • tested for harmful substances
  • REACH certified
  • colourfast and abrasion resistant
  • robust and durable
  • excellent impact absorption
  • with flanged metal inner ring made of stainless steel Ø approx.50.7 mm
  • with vulcanized KG information and ATX ® logo
  • Weight plate diameter: 450 mm
  • finely structured surface
  • great, sublime black-in-black finish
  • Application: Powerlifting, weightlifting, functional fitness
    The first-class quality and the excellent impact / absorption properties mean that it can be dropped on various substrates.
    We recommend using a protective covering of at least 8 mm to protect the equipment!
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