Kāpšanas trenažieris First Degree Fluid PowerClimb



Kāpšanas trenažieris First Degree Fluid PowerClimb

FluidPowerCLIMB is a high-quality commercial grade, contralateral full body climber, that allows the opposite arm and leg to be synchronised in a natural movement pattern enabling the spine to remain in a neutral position.

Designed to withstand the most vigorous HIIT workout or provide silky smooth resistance, the CLIMB is suitable for warm ups, cool downs and rehabilitation. The resistance is set via the 10x Fluid Resistance patented Twin Tank system and the climbing rate is driven by you. Seamlessly and automatically adjusting to your step height and arm reach, the CLIMB also doubles as a lower body stepper with handrails to provide additional support to lighten the load.

The FluidPowerCLIMB is a perfect inclusion for any type of fitness facility – you control the Speed, Resistance and Range of Motion to allow you to train in any zone, Cardio, Power, Strength or Speed.

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