ATX Smita mašīna ar muguras bloka opciju

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ATX Smita mašīna ar muguras bloka opciju

  • Platums 203 cm
  • Augstums 215 cm
  • Dziļums 139 cm
  • Svars 127 kg
  • Maksimālā slodze 250 kg
    Komplektā ietilpst svara stieņa adapteri diskiem ar Ø 50 mm (2 gab.)

Adapter 50 mm x 365 mm Kunststoff

  • EN 20957 I.II.IV Class H sertifikāts
  • Stabila un kompakta konstrukcija ar dziļumu tikai 139 cm.
  • Rāmja konstrukcija no izturīgām 60 x 60 mm profila tērauda trubām.
  • Pieejamie vingrinājumi: spiešana guļus negatīvā leņķī.


Multi press

  • Multi press and free rack in one, enables safe training with the guided dumbbell of the multi press, as well as free barbell training
  • Various exercise options such as negative bench press *, flat bench press *, incline bench press *
    neck press *, squats, etc. (* in connection with the ATX ® Multibank and a dumbbell set)
  • Multi-press with smooth and quiet running slide bearing guide on chrome-plated Ø 25 mm solid steel shafts
    knurled barbell with safety catch to lock the barbell in 10 different heights,
    maximum grip width approx. 110 cm
  • Heavy-duty dumbbell storage hooks for free dumbbell training, with a sturdy rubber cover to protect the dumbbell and for more comfort by minimizing noise when putting the dumbbell down, loadable up to 250 kg, 25-fold adjustable in height, in a fine 50 mm grid with scaling for easier positioning, can also be used as an additional
    emergency storage for the multi-press, thus double safety when training with the multi-press
  • Versatile multi-grip pull-up station with sensible and effective grip variants and a grip width of 110 cm
  • Weight plate holder standard Ø 30 mm, with optionally available adapters (article no.  BB-OA-350-PVC ) can also be used with Ø 50 mm weight plates

Lat pulling device

  • Simple and comfortable handling
  • Diverse exercise options thanks to the upper and lower pulley function, can be used without conversion
  • Weight ratio 1: 1 – no pulley effect!
  • The weight slide is equipped with 4 slide bearings, chrome-plated Ø 25 mm precision
    guide rods and ball-bearing rope pulleys ensure excellent running properties without jerking and tilting
  • Highly flexible, stretch-free steel cables with black plastic coating
  • Adjustable leg clamp
  • Ideally suited for training the back muscles, shoulder muscles, arm muscles and chest muscles
  • Weight plate holder Ø 30 mm as standard, optionally available in Ø 50 mm
    (tip: simply order the adapter for Ø 50 mm directly)
  • Load capacity lat pull 160 kg
  • With protective feet, floor-protecting and non-slip

Scope of delivery:

The dumbbells, weight plates, handles and tie rods shown are extras subject to a surcharge
and are not included in the scope of delivery!

The multibank shown is subject to a surcharge and is not included in the scope of delivery!
Delivery in cardboard packaging
  – disassembled –

Load capacity:
Multi press
: 200 kg
dumbbell rack: 250 kg chin
-up station: 200 kg
lat pulldown: 160 kg

The ATX®multi-bench (ATX-MBX-650) must be usedto expand themulti-press, as it is
especially suitable for the small depth of this Multi press was designed.
Both products together guarantee optimal functionality at all times. Color: black