Daudzfunkcionālais trošu trenažieris ATX® ATX-FTX-9001


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Daudzfunkcionālais trošu trenažieris ATX® ATX-FTX-9001

Compact duplex train station for a variety of trainings. The extra fine weight gradation makes this pull station ideal for functional exercises and rehabilitation. The height of the pull rollers can be adjusted 17 times, this ensures that the optimal pull height is set. The roller units, which can be swiveled through 180 °, allow a large training radius for dynamic pulling exercises. The perfect workmanship and the silky smooth running properties are outstanding features of this first-class dual train station.

with 2 x 85 kg plug weights
fine weight adjustment thanks to selectable ratio 1: 2 and 1: 4
17-fold height-adjustable pull rollers
simple and quick adjustment of the pull rollers via slide / locking rail
with lasered position digits
with integrated pull-up bar
ball-bearing pulleys
stretch-free steel cable with protective sheathing
silky smooth, jerk-free running thanks to the bushing of the weight plates
incl. 6 pull handles (2 x single handle short, 2 x single handle long, 1 x cross bar straight – long, 1 x pull rod straight – short)
Handles and bars can be practically stowed away on the back of the device
incl. 4 snap hooks
with exercise board
with safety protective cover
with rubberized feet, gentle on the floor and non-slip

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