Kāpšanas siena – koka 110 x 30 cm ATX®


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Kāpšanas siena – koka 110 x 30 cm ATX®

of solid beech wood – Made in Germany

The Pegboard was originally designed for climbers to train various climbing disciplines, such as boulders, rock climbing, etc. For some time the pegboard is also used in functional fitness scene many followers and not without reason. can be targeted smaller muscle groups that are difficult to address with classic weight training, exercise. When training with the pegboard in particular the latissimus dorsi, the rear shoulder head, the biceps, and the forearms are claimed. Thus, the pegboard a high intensity strength training for the whole upper body is and also improves the strength endurance with regular use.

Made in top quality – Made in Germany!

Our ATX ® Pegboards can be connected to a load-bearing wall or on the ATX ® fix RIGs System 4.0. The boards can arbitrarily vertically or horizontally, individually or assembled in groups. So even complex climbing walls, with varying degrees of difficulty, by the arrangement of several ATX ® mount climbing boards.

  • Made of solid 4 cm thick multiplex beech wood panels
  • sealed with varnish
  • including two beech handles – Ø 3 cm x 16 cm
  • 2 including fixing screws Pegboards to the ATX ® RIGs

Scope of supply:
ATX ® Pegboard including 2 handles
two mounting screws suitable for ATX ® RIG System 4.0

Plugs and screws to attach the Pegboards on a wall are not included,
as these may vary depending on the nature of your wall.

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